We love receiving emails like this from our happy and healthy clients . . .


I wanted to update you on Zoey. I am not sure if you remember her but you operated on her last August 29th. Both elbows were operated on but one elbow had diseased cartilage which you removed. You and your staff were amazing during this whole surgery and recovery process of four months. Everyone was so loving toward Zoey and treated me and all of my concerns with such respect, concern, patience and thoroughness. Thank you for everything. Zoey did 20 sessions of water therapy at All Vet Care in Camarillo. I believe that this proved to be the best thing for her recovery.

She is doing well and is back to having a wonderful dog life. I thought that I would share this video from our trip up to Shaver Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains above Fresno last weekend. There was five feet of snow on the ground when we arrived and by the time we left four days later we had an additional two feet of snow. Zoey loved the snow! This would not have been possible without the surgery you performed. Thank you for giving back to her a fun, enjoyable, painless life. She just turned 3 years old two weeks ago and she has lots of fun times ahead of her. I can’t thank you enough for the life you have given to Zoey. It is such a joy & blessing to see her have so much fun and it would not have happened without the VetSurg team.

You have given this dog, Zoey, who we love so very much, a second chance at a great life. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Zoey & Sara