We are an extension of care for your patients

Sometimes a patient comes to you as their primary veterinarian and you would like the patient to be examined by a surgeon. VetSurg would like to help you with those more challenging cases.

We respect and reinforce your relationship with your clients, working closely with you to meet their medical needs. Think of us in this way. VetSurg is an extension of care that you provide for your patients. Just like primary doctors for humans are confident in referring their patients to specialists, we would like for you to have that same confidence in us.

What you can expect from us

  • Open communication – We will keep you informed through out our mutual patient’s case, sending you medical reports and results as they are available
  • Collaboration – We are available to discuss case details, formulate appropriate treatment plans and work together with you for your pet’s optimum health.
  • Board certified surgeons – Dr. Ian Gordon Holsworth is a leading surgeon and peer-recognized as a nationally and internationally qualified surgical expert and educator. Dr. Rebecca Webb and Dr. Joseph Sapora join Dr. Holsworth in this elite group of ACVS Board-Certified Surgeons.
  • State-of-the-art hospital – Our surgical hospital has two operating theaters and a designated patient care and recovery ward, which is provided for all surgical cases.
  • Successful results – Our patients tell their stories best.

Referrals, pricing and more

We make it as easy as possible for you to refer your surgical patients. Please click on any of the links below and feel free to share this information with your patients.

Educational opportunities for you and your staff

Dr. Holsworth is a lifelong learner and educator. He firmly believes that we are all at our best when we are learning and sharing knowledge.

VetSurg is pleased to provide the following educational opportunities for veterinarians and your staff:

  • Proper X-raying Techniques – led by our x-ray technician, your staff will be shown the best techniques to achieve the clearest results.
  • Bandaging Techniques – led by our veterinary technician, your staff will be shown our techniques in applying splints, soft casts and limb bandages.
  • CE classes via Arthrex Vet Systems – Dr. Holsworth is the lead instructor at Arthrex Vet Systems, having developed all of the curriculum for the surgical education programs as well as training and coordinating the team of instructors who teach across North America, Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia. Review and register for classes here.

Please contact Client/Referral Liaison, Gloria Fiorello to inquire about having the x-ray or bandaging techniques classes presented directly in your practice.