Izzy first came to VetSurg in February 2018 for a consultation with Dr. Holsworth. Her owner reported that Izzy was playing and chasing flies at the park when he heard her yelp. At that moment, she could not put weight on her right side. Dr. Holsworth quickly determined that Izzy had torn her cranial cruciate ligament.

Izzy had TPLO surgery shortly after her diagnosis to repair the rupture. An arthroscopic examination of the stifle joint was performed to examine the cruciate ligament, meniscus and health of the joint cartilage and ultimately a bone plate and screws were placed in her knee.

“VetSurg, the staff and Dr. Holsworth provided me with more peace and reassurance than I could have ever imagined possible. That kind of comfort for those who care for those with no voice is priceless.  Thank you VetSurg!”
– Jeff Bosley