Seven year old Tala is an active German Shepherd. She hikes, swims, and loves to chase balls and frisbees among other high energy activities.

Earlier this year, Tala tore her right rear CCL, which is similar to a person tearing their ACL. This injury left her with a terrible limp and severe instability. “Our family was extremely saddened and didn’t think Tala would ever be able to play, the way she did before,” states her pet parent Jason Watkins. A friend recommended that he take Tala to Dr. Ian Holsworth at VetSurg. “Dr. Holsworth thoroughly examined Tala and educated me on her injury and the procedure he recommended,” continued Watkins.

On December 1, 2015, Dr. Holsworth performed a stifle arthroscopic exam on Tala removing the damaged remnants of cranial cruciate, followed by a tibial plateau leveling (TPLO) procedure with placement of a bone plate and screws in the surgically-altered tibia.

After three months of rehabilitation Tala was ready for her first jog with Jason. By month five post surgery Tala was back doing one of her favorite activities – pulling Jason on his skateboard. “Every morning Tala wakes me up, with her wet nose in my face. I put her harness on and we head out on the skateboard,” Jason Watkins happily states.

My family was fortunate to have one of the best orthopedic surgeons operate on our dog. I cannot thank the staff and Dr. Holsworth enough. They are the best in the field.
– Jason Watkins